low-voltage electrical products
low-voltage electrical products
low-voltage electrical products


  • Petrification
    Petrochemical industry is an important resource and basic raw material industry in China, with a high industrial correlation, plays a pivotal role in the national economy, generally divided into oil field enterprises and refining enterprises two categories, its power supply requirements of high reliability, large load, variety, and the use of the environment is generally worse. Based on many years of industry experience, Saiwei Electric can provide customers with perfect power distribution solutions, and provide reliable guarantee for the petrochemical industry from speed and scale growth to efficiency and quality growth mode, so as to achieve safe, reliable, economic and reasonable operation of power distribution system.
  • Metallurgy
    Metallurgy is an important industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, with the continuous upgrading of metallurgical technology in China, the safety and reliability requirements of the power supply and distribution system are also greatly improved, Delixi brand construction 30 years, the original intention does not change, always implement such as has provided a perfect solution for the metallurgical industry, For example, the power management architecture based on the Internet of Things realizes distribution automation in terms of connectivity, network security, real-time operation reliability, and intelligent analysis functions, greatly improving the continuity and reliability of power supply. Saiwei Electric is not only a supplier of automation products, but also a solution provider to meet different customer needs, which is widely used in iron mining, raw material farm management, coking sintering, blast furnace ironmaking to steelmaking, steel rolling and other aspects to ensure the safety of power supply.
  • Chemical
    The chemical industry is the embodiment of the country's comprehensive national strength, in recent years, the number of chemical enterprises, large scale, strong continuity, high safety requirements, high distribution automation requirements, so the continuity of power supply, safety, reliability put forward higher requirements. According to the demand characteristics of the chemical industry, Saiwei Electric put forward the industry-leading solution, through the calculation of various parameters of the system, reasonable selection of distribution protection devices, and the use of microcomputer protection system for comprehensive monitoring and control, to ensure production safety.
  • Solar power
    Solar power
    In recent years, the rapid expansion of China's photovoltaic industry, in the national attention and policy support, China has become the world's largest newly installed photovoltaic country, photovoltaic industry has become a non-negligible energy direction, whether it is a large photovoltaic power station, building photovoltaic or intelligent micro-grid, can achieve the reduction of system losses, reduce costs, improve the efficiency of system power generation.
  • Corpuscle
    Saiwei electrical products have been widely used in the electronic product manufacturing industry to provide reliable guarantee for the stable and reliable operation of its power supply and distribution system. Delixi Electric through a large number of actual case analysis, constantly improve the solution, put forward the key measures to prevent electrical accidents in electronic products enterprises and improve the direction, such as electrical failure, voltage fluctuation or electrostatic discharge and other fault response, focus on preventing power quality accidents, electrical equipment accidents and operational accidents, to establish a perfect power supply and distribution system management system for customers. And supplemented by scientific and effective power supply and distribution network monitoring system, greatly reduce the probability of electrical accidents, improve the reliable and stable operation of enterprise power supply and distribution system.
  • Data Center
    Data Center
    The data center as a global collaboration of specific equipment network, based on the cloud technology business and the explosive pace of development in the era of big data, the use of standardized modules can achieve rapid configuration of solutions. In simplifying the planning, design, and construction of a data center, the data center monitors the entire physical infrastructure. As an important part of the "new infrastructure", data? The construction of the center plays an important supporting role in speeding up the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of traditional industries. With high-performance innovative products, Saiwei Electric efficiently serves the construction of major data center projects across the country, and has been highly recognized by customers.

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Zhejiang Mulang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the manufacture and sale of low-voltage apparatus.And specializing in the production of dual power automatic change-over, molded case circuit breaker,air circuit breaker(ACB), surge protection de-vice(SPD) and other products. Certification: ISO90001, CE, ROHS, CCC, CB, SIMKO, KEMA, TUV.




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