We are specialized in Mold Case Circuit Breaker,Air Circuit breaker, Miniature Circuit reaker,Automatic Transfer Switch,Isolating Switch,DC Switch etc.


  • Automatic transfer switch. When the main power supply suddenly fails or has a power outage, it will automatically switch to the backup power supply through the dual power supply switch. (The backup power supply can also be powered by a generator under small loads) so that our operations will not stop. Equipment It can still operate normally. It is a dual power automatic transfer switch with perfect performance, safety and reliability, high degree of automation and wide range of use.
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  • Surge protector, also called lightning protector, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. When a peak current or voltage suddenly occurs in an electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct and shunt the current in a very short time to prevent the surge from damaging other equipment in the circuit.
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  • A circuit breaker refers to a switching device that can close, carry, and break current under normal circuit conditions and can close, carry, and break current under abnormal circuit conditions within a specified time. It can be used to distribute electrical energy infrequently. It starts the asynchronous motor and protects the power line and motor. It can automatically cut off the circuit when serious overload, short circuit, undervoltage and other faults occur. Its function is equivalent to the combination of fuse switch and overheating and underheating relay, etc., and There is generally no need to change components after breaking the fault current. Has been widely used.
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  • Zhejiang Mulang Electric Technology Co Ltd.,ls an enterprise focusing on the manufacture and sale of low-voltage apparatus.And specializing in the production of dual power automatic change-over, molded case circuit breaker,air circuit breaker(ACB), surge protection de-vice(SPD) and other products.
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